Thinnai Revi

Banner image: Café Lune, Pondicherry by Anarkali Checkrahmatoula
Le thinnai revi is an online journal arising from le thinnai kreyol, an online platform co-founded in May 2020 by Ari Gautier, novelist and poet, and Ananya Jahanara Kabir, literary critic and cultural historian. 

Ari is from Pondicherry, Ananya is from Kolkata; Ari lives in Norway, Ananya, in the UK; his mother tongues are French and Tamil, hers, English and Bangla. 

Le thinnai kreyol brings together Ari’s imagining of Pondicherry as a ‘thinnai’ or contact zone of cultures, people, and stories — as expressed in his work of historical fiction, “Le thinnai”, and Ananya’s theorisation and research on ‘Creole Indias’. 

The online platform promotes our vision of a multi-cultural, plural, and creolised India, and traces the vectors of material, embodied, and intangible culture connecting India to other creolised worlds across the oceans. 

We use le thinnai kreyol facebook space for short posts and weekly live broadcasts, which are archived on our YouTube channel. The Revi is a supplementary space for longer, written pieces by ourselves and friends of le thinnai kreyol. Enjoy it! 

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